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Evanston Community Lakehouse and Gardens (ECLG) is a 501c3 non-profit Illinois corporation formed in June 2015 to preserve and restore Evanston’s landmark Harley Clarke mansion and historic Jens Jensen gardens. We are dedicated to saving the only publicly-owned home on the Lake in Evanston for use for recreation, education and celebration. Our board is community-based and community-driven. We include capable individuals with backgrounds and expertise as architects, artists, attorneys, business people, educators, graphic designers, historic preservationists, landscape designers, public servants, and social workers.

ECLG is a welcoming board of Evanston residents who represent some of the varied interests of the community in re-purposing Evanston’s iconic Harley Clarke estate into an enduring public lakefront house for recreation, education and celebration.

Additional Board MEMBERS

Ellen Alexander


Alex Block

Fundraising Consultant

Bob Crews


Fran Caan

Fundraising Consultant


Linda Damashek

Harley Clarke Citizen Committee 2015

Elliott Dudnik


John Kennedy

Software Designer

Larry Lundy

Art Director

Jane McCarthy


Anna Roosevelt
Professor of Anthropology

Allison Toonen-Talamo
Architecture Associate


Zaida Citron

ETHS teacher

Jens Jensen Historic Landscape Advisory Committee

Jens Jensen II
Project Leader
Restoration Ecologist and Landscape Architect
Julia Bachrach
Department of Planning and Construction
Chicago Park District
Robert E. Grese
Director, Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Nichols Arboretum
Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment
Theodore Roosevelt Chair in Ecosystem Management
Author, Jens Jensen Maker of Natural Parks and Gardens, 1998

William Johnson
Former Dean, School of Natural Resources,  University of Michigan
Professor Emeritus Landscape Architecture, University of Michigan
Medal of Honor American Society of Landscape Architecture
Jensen Restoration Project
William Tishler
BS, MLA, Landscape Architecture
Graduate of Harvard University with additional study at University of North Carolina,

Nantucket Preservation Planning Institute, Cornell University, and Attingham Summer Institute in England
Donn Werling, Ph. D
Director, Two Trees Memorial Arboretum and Gardens
Former Director, Henry Ford Estate, completed the Jensen Restoration Project at Fair Lane
Former Director, Evanston Environmental Association and Lighthouse Nature Center

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