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Evanston Community Lakehouse and Gardens (ECLG) submitted a thorough 77-page response to the City of Evanston’s Request for Proposals (RFP) on Feb. 28, 2020. We addressed every condition required by the RFP. As the group who has worked since 2015 with a singular focus on engaging the community, we have every expectation of being awarded the lease. You can review the response by going to the link here on the home page.

In September of 2020, the four respondents to the RFP were asked to make a presentation to the City Council. Subsequently the City requested an addendum to the original response with particular reference to the effect of the pandemic on fundraising and budgeting. That addendum is also available here on the home page. It includes drawings of the rehabilitation phases and an updated business plan. 

At this time and due to the effects of the covid-19 pandemic, ECLG is not currently soliciting donations. Pledges however are being accepted. Please go to the Pledge page on the website.

You can act now to ensure that the only publicly owned lakefront mansion in Evanston remains open and available to the public and that it is repurposed to serve all of Evanston.

All charitable donations to Evanston Community Lakehouse & Gardens (501c3) are tax-deductible.

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Susan Aaron

Jane Alt

Ellen Alexander

Emilie Barry

Betsy Baer

Virginia Beatty

Mary Bell

Marianne Benveniste

Camille Blachowicz

Alex Block

Jerry Brennan

Gabrielle M. Brooks

William Brown

Birch and Galen Burghardt

Nancy Burke

Debbie and Bob Burns

Lee Clifford

Cohen & Hacker Architects

Daniel Connolly

Trisha Connolly

Liz Cramer

Linda Damashek

John Richard Donnelly

Patrick Donnelly

Charna Epstein

Eve and Mark Epstein

Karen Favakeh

Chris Foreman

Barbara Gardner

Frances Gasbarra

Leanne Gehrig

Carolyn and Bill Gifford

Kendal and Ken Gladish

Maureen Glasoe

Ted Glasoe

Robert Gordon

Emily Guthrie

Melanie Harris

Lynne H. Heidt

Jessica Hesselberg

Ruth Ann Hladish

Dan Hodgman

David and Liane Hodgman

Naomi Hodgman

Amy and Tom Hodgman

Sue Holbert

Britt Jacobsen

Dorothea Jacobsen-Wenzel

James Family

Ann Jennett

Aleck Johnsen

Janelle Johnson

Linda and Vins Johnson

Nathanael Jones

Clare Kelly

Kristine Lofquist


Deb Long

John Lucadamo

Ben Lumpkin

Ravi Lumpkin

Megan Lutz

Leslie Maclin

Julie Martin

Ann Mazza

Jane and John McCarthy

Shyanmei Wang and Pete McNamara

Lucia Miller

Bert Menco

Mary Mumbrue

Donna and Tim Pareti

Kathy Pilat

Charlotte Perelman

Layna Portugal

Barbara Putta

Myrnice Ravitch

Julie Rivera

John Robertson

Mary Laflin Rockwell Fund

Anna Roosevelt

Mary Rosinski

K Rospenda

Anthony Rossi

Karin Ruetzel

Sara Schastok

Joan Schneider

Karen Sonnicksen and John Sellers

Dennis Shea

Lois Shelgren

Andrew Shessler

Jeff Smith

Jack Stewart

K. J. Stewart

Kenneth Smith

Sue Smock-Lawson (in honor of Arielle)

Nancy Sreenan

Sheila Sullivan

Carlis Sutton

Judith Terrizzi

Diane Thodos

Paul Vanden Heuvel

Yolanda Vanderlaan

Cynthia Voelker

Tom Wallace

Dia and John Walsh

Bonnie Wefler

France Yoli-Joseph

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